Peek-A-BOOM: Baby goes BOOM 2: Cover Image


~ by Xiaoping Yoholeugh on January 30, 2012.

3 Responses to “Peek-A-BOOM: Baby goes BOOM 2: Cover Image”

  1. Do you think you know when Peek-A-BOOM Baby goes boom 3 is coming out? Madagascar: Escape 3 Africa?

  2. Dead babies

  3. Oh yes! This game! I am at the part where a helicopter comes and then crashes and falls to the ground and I just can’t control my baby far enough before the helicopter crashes. Readers, I just have to say that “Peek-a-BOOM! Baby goes boom 2” is a game where you have to control a baby over to something that will make it explode. There are 50 missions. The helicopter one is one of the last missions. It is the 46th. You can’t get the next exploding mission unless you finish the level you are on. The one shown on this website “melon melon isle”, is early in the game. It’s only the 8th. It is very difficult and I challenge you to win this game! Peek-a-BOOM! Baby goes boom 2 is totally worth buying and it is 17.99! The price is a bargain!

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